Beginning Art Lessons
Assigned: Tuesday 4/14
Due: Monday 5/4
Next Week

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I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. I have set up new classrooms for each period because I am giving assignments next week. Make sure you join the right google classroom. I will be making sure that you do. Here are the google classroom codes:

Period 1: m575hjl

Period 4: dejnw2y

Period 5: mqb76pe

Period 6: njbvyk6

Thank you! You can email me anytime you need anything at I can also do zoom video chats if you guys would like, just email and let me know. I miss you guys!

Mrs. Lomeli

Assigned: Wednesday 3/11
Due: Friday 3/20
Half Portraits
  • Students will recieve a photograph image depicting one half of a symmetrical face. They will take this image and glue it to one side of a page in their sketchbooks. They will then begin to copy the face with graphite pencil onto the other side of their paper creating the mirror image which completes the portrait. 
  • Students will pay attention to proportions, and accuracy regarding texture and value details found in this particular portrait.
  • This assignment will begin on Wednesday, March 4th
  • It is due Friday, March 20th and is worth 100 Points.
Assigned: Tuesday 2/25
Due: Wednesday 3/4
Portraiture Unit

Week One of Portraiture Unit:

  • Day One: Student will view portrait video and discuss observations they have made regarding the importance of the portrait. 
  • Students will group up in pairs to do a drawing exercise with a classmate to set a "benchmark" that will provide documentation of their skills as they begin their training in portraiture. Students will then receive and work from an informational packets of diagrams and drawings to assist them in learning the structural elements of the face and head. They will begin by drawing the frontal view of the head which entails locating standard proportions regarding the structure and location of all facial features.
  • Day Two - Five: Students will learn to draw the individual facial features, such as: eyes, ears, noses and mouths.

Students will work on practicing the proportional measurements of the Frontal Face, and then do 5 repetitions of each facial feature for the week. Drawings will begin on February 26th. They are due for check-in as a sketchbook assignment on Wednesday, March 4th and worth 100 points (20 points per feature category).

Face:  2/26

Nose:  2/27

Eye:   2/28

Ear:     3/02   

Mouth:  3/03


Assigned: Tuesday 2/18
Due: Friday 2/28
Bell Work

Bell Work check (25pts) on February 28th 

Assigned: Tuesday 2/25
Due: Tuesday 2/25
Portrait Video
Assigned: Tuesday 2/18
Due: Monday 2/24
Formal Art Critique

This week in class we are doing to do a formal art critique of our "Skull and Saddle" artwork. Every day we do a critique you will fill out a response handout that will 20pts each. 

Assigned: Thursday 2/13
Due: Tuesday 2/18
Janet Fish Essay

-The intro paragraph is about Janet Fish, where she was born, where she went to school, etc.
-1st body paragraphs Describe
-2nd body paragraph Analyze
-3rd body paragraph Interpret
-The conclusion paragraph is Evaluate
-Add a picture of your image at the end of your essay


Assigned: Monday 2/3
Due: Friday 2/14
Bell Work

Bell Work check. (25pts)

Assigned: Tuesday 1/28
Due: Wednesday 2/12
Skull and Saddle

 1. Students will be able to create a still life drawing that depicts Space through using a Full Range of Value (50pts)

2. Students will be able to create the illusion of a variety of textures using pencil and/or charcoal drawing techniques (50pts)

3. Students creates a drawing using the rules of thirds as a tool for composition. (100pts)

Assigned: Friday 1/31
Due: Wednesday 2/5
Skull and Saddle Progress

Checking the progress of the assignment. Needs to be 50% done. (100pts)

Assigned: Tuesday 1/28
Due: Thursday 1/30
Skull and Saddle Sketches

Draw two different sketches of the still lifes with the "Rules of Third" grid (50pts)

Assigned: Thursday 1/16
Due: Tuesday 1/28

1. Create a charcoal drawing using charcoal smudging techniques (50pts)

2. Create a charcoal drawing that shows cast shadows, core shadows and highlights (50pts)

Here are some Youtube videos to help:

Assigned: Tuesday 1/21
Due: Thursday 1/23
Cloth Progress

Checking progress of the cloth assignment. Needs to be 50% done. (50pts)

Assigned: Tuesday 1/7
Due: Wednesday 1/15
Local Value

1. Student successfully creates a charcoal drawing that has both flat and gradient values through using smuding techniques. (30pts)

2. Student successfully use charcoal to clearly show the difference in local values between a white, gray, and black cylinder. (35pts)

3. Student successfully creates core values, highlights and cast shadows over the top of the local value in thier drawing. (35pts)

Assigned: Tuesday 1/7
Due: Friday 1/10
Local Value Progress

Checking the prgress of the assignment. Needs to be 50% done. (50pts)

Assigned: Thursday 12/19
Due: Friday 12/20
Midterm Study Guide

Study Guide for the Midterm


Exam Schedule

Day One
8:20am – 9:50am 1st hour 90 minutes
9:55am – 11:25am 3rd hour 90 minutes
11:25am – 11:35am  Break 10 minutes
11:35am – 1:05pm 5th hour 90 minutes

Day Two
8:20am – 9:50am 2nd hour 90 minutes
9:55am – 11:25am 4th hour 90 minutes
11:25am – 11:35am  Break 10 minutes
11:35am – 1:05pm 6th hour 90 minutes



Assigned: Monday 12/2
Due: Friday 12/20
Tunnel Book

This is the Midterm Assisnment

1. Student will use, proportion, perspective, placement, and overlapping to create illusion of space in their project. (200 pts)

2. Student will have a background, two middle grounds, and a foreground to create space within the project. (200 pts)

3. Student will have cutouts in the foreground and middle grounds to create negative space within the project. (200 pts)

4. Student will include full range of value in their project. (200 pts)

5. Student will pay attention to the quality of their project and overall craftsmanship of their work. (200 pts)

For a total of a 1000 pts

Assigned: Wednesday 10/23
Due: Tuesday 11/26
Geometric Still Life


Assigned: Thursday 10/31
Due: Tuesday 11/5
Creative Sphere

1. Shading on the sphere (full range of values) 20pts

2. Creative add ons to the sphere 20pts

3. Neatness and craftsmanship (NO SMUDGES!) 10pts

Assigned: Monday 10/14
Due: Tuesday 10/22

Your Assignment

1.Create a drawing that is non representational.  (25pts).
2. Create a drawing that uses FLAT and GRADIENT value scales to create a full range of values.      (25 pts)
3.Use elements of overlapping and linear perspective to create the illusion of depth. (25 pts.).
4.Create the drawing with attention to neatness and craftsmanship (NO SMUDGES!!!).  (25 pts).  
5. Extra Credit: write 5 sentences about your opinion of abstract art.     (10 pts)         
Assigned: Monday 9/30
Due: Friday 10/4

In this lesson, the students will be learning to use their pencils and erasures to create the illusion of value on paper.  We will discuss how value is the second tool that artists use (the other tool being perspective) to create the illusion of depth on a 2D surface.  Through using value, the students will be able to create objects that seem to have mass and form.

Assigned: Friday 9/20
Due: Thursday 9/26
Negative Space

In this lesson, the students will be working on their first still life drawing.  This still life is focused upon the students using negative space as a means to create a high contrast drawing.  The instructor will show a slide show giving examples of student negative space drawings as well as modern art drawings that uses negative space. 

Assigned: Monday 9/16
Due: Thursday 9/26
Negative Space
Assigned: Wednesday 9/11
Due: Friday 9/13
HW in Sketchbook

Draw a room in your house in One-Point Perspective in your sketchbook. Start by drawing back wall, then make your vanishing point to make the walls, floor, and ceiling. 

Assigned: Friday 8/30
Due: Thursday 9/5
Word in One-Point Perspective

Draw a word in one-point perspective with 4 or more letters on final piece of paper. 

If you want to add a letter in two-point perspective then you will get 10 extra credit points.

Assigned: Friday 8/23
Due: Friday 8/30

Assignments Due in Sketch Book are:

- 25 One-Point Perspective Cubes

- 25 Two-Point Perspective Cubes

- Word in One-Point or Two-Point Prespective with 4 or more Letters

Assigned: Wednesday 8/21
Due: Wednesday 8/21
Master Of Illusion Video and Notes

Watch the two youtube videos by copying one link at a time below and take notes with the handout that is attached below the videos

Assigned: Monday 8/12
Due: Tuesday 8/20
Illusion of Space

Your entire page is filled with overlapping shapes: 33 points

Your use Placement, Proportion and Perspective to help create the Illusion of space: 34 points 

Your drawing is crafted in a nest and careful manner: 33 points

Total Points:100

Assigned: Monday 8/12
Due: Monday 8/19
Illusion of Space Power Point
Assigned: Monday 8/12
Due: Friday 8/16
HW in Sketchbook

Google Images and print out examples of Proportion, Placement, and Perspective. Attach these examples in your sketchbook and write a brief explanation of what makes these images good examples of these elements of Space.

Assigned: Friday 8/2
Due: Friday 8/9
Photo Montage
Assigned: Thursday 8/1
Due: Friday 8/9
Art Supplies
Sketchbooks and Art Supplies are required by the end of the 1ST full week of school. A printed supply list will be given out on the first day of school. You will be using your supplies when working on your homework and sketchbook assignments outside of class. When in class, you may use the school's art supplies that are provided. Please do not take classroom supplies home with you.

See a printable PDF file of Beginning Art Supply List attached here below for your convenience. 

Assigned: Thursday 8/1
Due: Friday 8/9
Syllabus/Parent Student Contract

Syllabus/Parent Student Contract will be handed out on the first day of classes and will be due by August 9th for points.


20% Sketchbook

10% Progress

60% Classroom Projects

10% Tests